#8 – Ari Lennox – Shea Butter Baby

#8 on People Magazines Top 10 albums of 2019

After hating on Carly Rae Jepsen so hard, I feel like this review is going to be a little lack luster.

Initial thought: Smooth…

Favorite Song: New Apartment. Fun song, reminded me of the first time I lived on my own and the emotions that go along with it. I also found that some of her talking bits between the songs gave me a little chuckle. I particularly liked her story about guys from her past hitting her up. “I was like 7 years old!”

Would I listen to the whole album again: nah. I didn’t save the song I mentioned. I’m not a prude but some of the song content was a little too much for me. I mean, I love Prince and some of his songs were extremely racy. But it was sexy without trying too hard. This was just – eh.

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