#7 Marin Morris – GIRL

#7 on People Magazines top 10 albums of the year and our first country album.

Initial thought: She has a nice voice.

Favorite Song: All My Favorite People. I feel bad that it’s my favorite song, because it’s really not her that makes me like the song. Her performance is good but what really sold it for me was the vocals and guitar of the Brothers Osborne. So much so that I will be looking up their other stuff. I’m not a huge fan of country music but the little I like usually fits a certain hardness to it and their voices and guitar had that. But to give Marin a compliment, she changed up her style to compliment them, and I liked it. Did I save the song – sorry, but no.

Would I listen to the whole album again? Not by choice. But if my husband, who likes country were to put it on, I wouldn’t immediately make him change it.

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