#4 Billie Eilish – When We All Fall Asleep Where Do We Go?

#4 on People Magazine’s Top 10 Albums of 2019

It’s extremely hard to put an initial thought on this album because this is the only album on the list that I have already heard in it’s entirety.

So my initial thought is going to go like this: I remember exactly when I listened to this album. I had bronchitis but I had to drive across town to get my mid year review for work. I figured – might as well listen to something new since I have to take this stupid drive to this stupid review. (That was my actual thought). I don’t remember my initial thought when I first heard it, but the fact that I stuck through it and listened to the whole thing is a good sign. And the fact that I saved the whole album the first time I heard it is an even better sign. Listening to it all again back to back, I got excited. It starts out good and ends even better.

My favorite song: That’s also a super tough question to answer. I have gone through times all of them have been my favorite. So, right now my favorite is either xanny or wish you were gay. Depends on my mood.

Would I listen to this album again: YES! What I love about this album is Billie’s voice along with the lyrics. Where Lana’s album was just boring, this is a perfect combo of fun songs, dark songs, feeling… everything I look for in an album. This is already on my list to buy on vinyl. So, yeah, I love everything about this.

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