#3 Taylor Swift – Lover

#3 on People Magazine’s Top 10 Albums of 2019

Can I just say I’m finding a trend here… maybe writing and producing a full good album is next to impossible.

But it’s Taylor Swift so I wasn’t expecting a miracle.

Initial Thought: The album started off with a fun little beat… but its pretty elementary.

Favorite Song: I have two. I already had “You Need to Calm Down” downloaded. I like it, it’s sassy. I’m sassy. Enough said. But then I forgot about “ME!”. Ok, yes, it’s a little cheesy but I really like Brandon Urie. His voice is amazing and I just love him. Add in a fun little pop ditty and well, I’m dancing in my kitchen.

Would I listen to the whole album again: No. I’ve never really been a TSwift fan. K loved her for a while and honestly, she just annoyed me. I didn’t like her country stuff but I thought it had a sweet vibe and then when she went pop and created fake drama with the Kardashians (none of that was real), I could only roll my eyes. I also really hate when she sings but she kinda talks at the end of a line. What is that? Whatever it is, it annoys me. So, the lesson of this post, if you want to annoy me, play any of Taylor Swifts other songs.

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