# 2 Lizzo – Cuz I Love You

First off, I have to point out, there are two editions of this album – the standard and the Super Deluxe edition. If you are going to listen, make sure it’s the super deluxe. I listened to the standard first and was a bit confused because 1. It felt super short and 2. I didn’t love any of the songs.

This is another hard album to review because I had expectations… which leads to….

Initial thought: I didnt get the hype. Everyone eithers LOVES Lizzo or doesnt. So I was expecting some life altering experience. Listening to the standard edition of the album, I was underwhelmed.

Then I went to the Super Deluxe.

Favorite song(s): I did save 3 songs but they were all from the Super Deluxe version. First off – “Boys”. If anyone knows me, this song is right up my alley. Funky groove, sassy… saved. “Truth Hurts”… again, just the right amount of sass. Soon after found out K can rap the whole song. Pretty entertaining. And finally, “Good as Hell”, I feel like the song is a little cliche cause it’s everywhere but yes, I will listen to it when I’m having a good day and feelin myself. Don’t judge.

I will give an honorable mention to “Tempo” because I felt obligated to like something when I listened to the standard version. But I didn’t save it.

Would I listen to the whole album again: Nah. Sorry guys, she’s fun and sassy but nothing groundbreaking for me. I think there has been a lot of talk about Lizzo and the talk got me hyped for something. I’m not sure what. I’m all for her girl power, get ya some, but I needed something more.

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