#1 Ariana Grande thank you, next

I finally made it through what People Magazine says is the top 10 albums of 2019. I wish I could say it was a fabulous journey that introduced me to amazing new music that I will treasure forever… Let’s just get to #1.

Initial thought: I’m not a fan of Miss Grande. I feel like when she gets to a certain register in her voice, it just sounds like she is screaming. But the first song had a bit of a 90s hip hop vibe – a little TLC sound to it. So I was optimistic.

Favorite Song: None. I kept waiting, hoping for something good to happen. It didn’t. I didn’t save one song.

Would I listen to the whole album again: Obviously no. I really wanted to like it. I wanted the #1 album to be, at the very least, enjoyable. I was bored. I didn’t like it. So, I guess going through this list I’ve realized something – maybe I’m not a “pop” girl anymore. There was not one rock or alternative album, not even a male driven album. To be able to rank the best albums of the year, you need to look at all genres. I don’t think that was done. If they did, and this was truly the best, then 2019 was a crap year for music. But I don’t believe that.

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